Art of Coppersmithing


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And while the aspirations of my youth died away amid the busy' turmoil of mechanical life, and smoldered for years (with an occasional burst of warmth), the thoughts were still cherished, and I began without any preparation, save my memory, to give the helpless boys of the trade reliable instruction in things they should know in starting out to acquire the Art of Coppersmithing. I did my best to tell from my own experience, in the most lucid manner, that which is being called for in everyday life, in three separate branches of the copper trade, sup posing with each lesson there was a good boy at my side. I am pleased with the result of my first effort, which was in a measure impromptu. It will not, however, make Coppersmiths of any one without effort and application, but I trust it will be a help to all who have need of assist ance, and be an incentive to boys to exercise whatever talents they may possess for their own benefit and that of others less fortunate.

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