A Genealogical Account of the Descendants in the Male Line of William Peck


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The general indifference of the public in regard to works of this kind, would seem to be a sufficient apology for the want of a prefatory introduction; but some explanation is due to those whose ancestors or descendants are named, and to others who are interested in similar researches. Having been forcibly reminded, a few years since, of his lack of information in relation to his ancestral kindred, the author immediately instituted inquiries on the subject, and has since pursued them as opportunity and limited intervals of leisure from business avocations have permitted. The following work contains the result of those inquiries. Its publication has been assented to in deference to the wishes and for the gratification of many of the descendants, now living, and with a view to preserve, as far as attainable, in a brief, systematic and perma nent form, the history and genealogy of the family. In some cases it is but little more than the collation and arrangement of the researches of distinguished genealogists and antiqua rians, with the aid of such additional light as has been afforded by recent investigations. These investigations, have, from several causes, been prosecuted with great labor, difficulty and embarrassment. Much time, care and attention have been re quired to expose and correct the errors, and supply the omissions, in the early annals of the colonies relative to some members of the family and the events with which they were connected.

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