A Practical Handbook on the Distillation of Alcohol From Farm Products

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To the majority of persons Alcohol connotes liquor. That it is used to some extent in the arts, that it is a fuel, is also common knowledge, but Alcohol as a source of power, as a substitute for gasoline, petroleum, and kindred hydrocarbons was hardly known to the generality of Americans until the' passage of the De-naturing Act by the last Congress. Then Alcohol leaped at once into fame,-not merely as the humble servant of the pocket lamp, nor as the Demon Rum, but as a substitute for all the various forms of cheap hydrocarbon fuels, and as a new farm product, a new means for turning the farmer's grain, fruit, potatoes, etc., into that greatest of all Powers, Money. That Alcohol was capable of this work was no new discovery accomplished by the fiat of Congress, but the Act of June 7, 1906 freed de-natured Alcohol from the disability it had previously labored under, — namely, the high internal revenue tax, and so cheapened its cost that it could be economically used for purposes in the arts and manufactures which the former tax forbade.

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