Angelo, Tyrant of Padua

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Oh, yes, he replies, he enjoys it all. But is that young man who came with her to Padua really her brother? Of course he is, she answers. But what jealousy She spoke to one of his spies to-night. Why not be jealous of him? The truth is, she says, that she speaks to everybody who, she thinks, can give her information about one for whom she has been searching for years. Her mother, whom she adored. Was a poor street singer. One day, in a song she did not even know the meaning of, she lampooned the noble signori of Venice and the people laughed. A Senator passed by and simply said: This woman to the scaffold. She dropped a tear on Tisbe s forehead, and taking her crucifix a big copper one with the name Tisbe scratched on it, was bound and fettered. She herself was but sixteen then and hardly realized the horrible misfortune. With the Senator was a young girl who could not stand the sight. She threw herself at his feet and implored the woman's pardon. It was given; her mother was unbound and per mitred to go free. But she took the crucifix and. Handing it to the girl, told her to take it, for it would bring her good fortune. It is this girl, now a woman, whom she would give the world to meet again. But some day she will know her by the possession of that crucifix.

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