Artistic Lighting

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So for the greater part of the year I had the pleas ure — for pleasure it soon proved to be — of setting forth for the benefit of my fellow photographers the principles of portrait lighting followed by the greatest painters in the history of the world. At first but little interest was shown but Mr. Todd faithfully kept his part of the bargain, and by an energetic campaign among the fraternity aroused their interest. By the end of the year, I understand, every copy of the num bers containing the articles had been sold, and hun dreds were clamoring for them. Recent conventions testify that they have been of help to photographers, while the constant demand for the back numbers of the journal show even more eloquently that they have created a new interest among photographers in their work. I feel it would be unkind of me to leave unsatisfied the longing I have aroused, and so I herewith set forth to my fellow photographers for the second time the principles of artistic lighting as they were taught to me and as I know them, feeling confident that if they study them honestly they will never regret having undertaken the task.

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