A Complete Course in Dressmaking

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My first little piece of advice to you is to look over the clothes HE already has. Ex amine the seams — jot down in your memory whether there are two stitchings or one, whether it's a plain seam or a lapped-felled one, whether the garment has reinforcements and linings, etc. Get a good mental picture of how the finished garment, you are planning to make, ought to look. In this lesson I am going to give you a few examples of different types of men's clothing that are practical for a woman to attempt to make. The making of these garments will serve as a review of many items you have already studied. I shall tell you about the finishing of the various garments but not the pattern making. You can secure patterns for shirts, underwear, etc., from any commercial pattern company. Making men's patterns is also a trade by itself.

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