A General History of the Kemp and Kempe Families of Great Britain and Her Colonies

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I was on a visit to an elderly cousin, living near Ashford, in 1896, when, finding that the topics of modern conversation failed to interest him, I sought something to read in an old library adjacent, of which my relative was trustee. My first inspection of the Shelves inclined me to think that the ancient volumes with which they Were loaded would afford me no. Entertainment, for I was neither an antiquarian nor interested in history or genealogy. I came, however, to a copy of Hasted's History of Kent, which I took down with some curiosity as to what it might say about the places of interest around my cousin's home, and finding thati had thus dropped upon an account of a great man of my own name — Archbishop Kemp — I read page after page concerning him and his relations. This exhausted I turned to'the index for the name of Kemp in order to discover more information concerning my namesakes.

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