A Glossary of Silk Terms


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Barre — Striped laterally, in same direction as the filling', similar to travers. Showing transverse bars, as the barred owl. Bayadere — Showing straight or undulating cross stripes — usually in alternated and brilliant colors with startling and bizarre effect. Name derived from Bayadere (or Bajadere dancing girls of the under world in India, dedicated from their birth to the life the striped garment being supplemented with filmy scarf or shawl, jeweled trousers, bangles, gold sequins, anklets, etc. Bayad'ere Moire — Same as above, with watered effect added. Bengaline — A plain, round-corded weave, more or less heavy, of the poplin family. May be of silk warp and wool or cotton filling or of all silk, which latter would be called Bengaline de Soie. Name derived from Bengal, India, famous for its production of various rich and peculiar stuffs of silk, wool and cotton.

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