A History of the Marshall and Related Families


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I have for several years frequently been asked by members of the family in several states for the proof that they were eligible to membership in such societies. There are no authoritative records published, nor even collected, up to this time.ent time, for the use of those of my generation, and many more hereafter, that regard blood as thicker than water. That some, with an exaggerated ego, will'be disappointed, is to be expected. W'hen we review the past three hundred years with a broad vision, consider the sturdy, indomitable wills of our forefathers, their industry under trying conditions, their lack of advantages and comforts, and yet remember that they made and preserved this country for us, our right to pride in thei' achievements no sane or just man could deny. As to anything written in this record, it is written with neither envy, jealousy nor malice. It is written from authentic sources, or from personal impressions. With a happy good will to all.

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