A Latin-English Dictionary

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As the suffix always forms the last portion of a word, and follows the hyphen in simple words and the last hyphen in compound words, it has not been thought necessary to repeat in any instance what it is, inasmuch as it is self-evident. Where no suffix is used, the fact will appear in the state ment given of the origin of the word. Such is the outline of the plan upon which the leading words in this work are printed; a plan which, it is confidently believed, will go far to render an acquaintance with the mode of formation, and the etymological meaning, of words in general, comparatively easy even to persons beginning to study the. Latin language. Should further insight into these matters be desired, it may be obtained from the work already mentioned Latin Suffixes. Much, also, will soon be procurable from the forthcoming Public Schools Latin Grammar, especially with regard to letter-changes, and the construction of the cases of nouns and of the perfect tenses and the supines of verbs. From an examination of that work, which has been courteously conceded to the author of this Dictionary, in common with certain others engaged in educational pursuits, he is enabled to speak of the effort to harmonize grammatical teaching in this country as being, in his judgment, most skilfully carried out, and likely to be hailed as a great boon by all who can appreciate the advantages that cannot but accrue from the general adoption of one standard Grammar for the primary instruction of youth.

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