A Practical Treatise on Foundry Irons

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A Practical Treatise on Foundry Irons - copertina
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This volume has been prepared at the earnest request of many founders seeking practical information on foundry irons and their manipulation in the production of the various lines of castings. It has been the aim of the author to present, in a condensed form, only such matter as is of practical value to the founder and to eliminate as far as possible all theories that have not been established as principles and all laboratory experimental work that has not been fully demonstrated to be useful in actual foundry practice. It has been endeavored to give all useful up-to — date data on the manipulation of Foundry Irons as actually practiced in foundries, by both the old and the new methods; and thus, it is hoped to place before the founder, foundry foreman, moulder and melter such a variety of methods that he cannot fail to oh tain desired results under any and all of the various conditions met with in the manipulation of these irons.

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