A Complete Work on the Pruning of Fruit Trees

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In offering this work on pruning to the growers of Western Australia I am giving them the benefit of my own practical experience extending over 20 years, and the principles laid down have been gained by close observation of the differ ent varieties. That the system adopted has proved most successful in making trees bear heavy crops of fruit can be substantiated by those who have known me both in New South Wales and Victoria. During the past ten years I have not only carefully watched the results and improved on them, but have taken photos. Showing the trees at different stages, and my plates now number some hundreds. Having gained my experience in different districts and parts of both New South Wales and Victoria it has taught me how necessary it is for the orchardist to always study local conditions, and in many ways I have had to change my system or modify it on moving into a new district where the climatic and soil conditions were totally different.

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