A Survey of the Scovils or Scovills in England and America

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This volume owes its existence to the late Frederick John Kingsbury of Waterbury, Connecticut. During a long life filled with activities of many kinds, he found time for productive historical study in many fields. The history of his native town of Waterbury was of great interest to him, and he contributed very generously to the three volumes of its History, edited by his friend, the Reverend Joseph Anderson. He also contributed largely with both research and money toward the history of his own family of Kings bury. Next to his own, the family that was most closely connected to him in business affairs and family ties was that of Scovill, descendants of an original settler and proprietor of Waterbury. Mr Kingsbury intended to place a volume of Scovill his tory and genealogy beside that of Kingsbury, which was so largely the result of his interest and support. He himself collected materials and employed an assistant for that end. Advancing years and failing strength — but not diminished ardor and enthusiasm — warned him that he would not see the accomplish ment of his desire. When his last will was read, it was found that he had especially expressed a desire to have the Scovill family history carried on to com pletion. This his heirs undertook to do, and engaged the undersigned as general editor of the book. For four years he has been actively engaged in its prep aration.

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