A History of the Witches of Renfrewshire


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From faith in their spells. Many of his successors had deal ings with familiar spirit's and down to the days of Christianity, Gentiles as well as Jews all over the world attributed to cer tain men and women supernatural powers that were generally exercised for evil. Christianity, though it gave a blow to superstition, by no means eradicated it. The influence of heathen beliefs and practices did not cease to be operative when the majority of a nation formally surrendered them. The evil one has always been regarded as the great king and master of the wizard band and faith in Witchcraft is yet to be found among certain followers of all religions that recognise the existence of the spirit of darkness. Bishop Hutchinson's curious Historical Essay on Witchcraft shews how much such superstitions have served to degrade and enslave the intellect, even during periods that have been characterised by great national progress. Pope Innocent VIII, in 1484.

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