A Study of Distorted Waves

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A Study of Distorted Waves - copertina
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While this thesis deals with the general problem of distorted waves; the particular phase of it, which has been studied is the posibilities of deriving a high frequency e.m.f. From a generator which gives substantially a sine wave of e.m.f. Of moderate frequency. The importance of this problem is obvious to students of wireless telegraphy and telephony. The subject has been attacked from two different directions by members of the present graduate class. Mr. F. G. Willson has investigated the possibilities by means of three single phase transformers operated from a three phase circuit and the writer has investigated the problem from the point of view of establishing the maximum possible wave distortion in a single phasetransformer. It is well known that if a sine wave of e.m.f. Is impressed upon a single phase transformer, the resultant wave of current will be not only of fundamental.

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