A Pocket Lexicon to the Greek New Testament

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The present work is the third and last volume of the tiny trilogy which I have been permitted to con tribute for the use of students of the New Testament.' In my Oxford days I was particularly struck by the fact that many theological works, which in their German form cost a small sum, were only to be obtained at a greatly increased price, when they appeared in an English dress. It seemed to me that there was at least as large a public for such productions in Britain and America as in Germany, and I could never see that the usual improvement in form justified the higher cost. The supineness of the clergy and others interested has been and is to me a subject of wonder, especially as few of them are men of means. I have long held the view that the most necessary knowledge in all departments should be available to the English reading public at a moderate price, and in this view I have been heartily encouraged by the Delegates of the Clarendon Press.

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