A Call to the Unconverted

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If you will believe God, believe this: there is but one of thefe two ways for every wicked. Man, either:~ Converfion or Damnation. I know, the wicked will. Hardly be perfuaded either of the truth or equity of? This. No wonder if the guilty quarrel with the law. Few men are apt to believe that, which they would not have to be true; and fewer would have that to be true which they apprehend to be againft them. But it ismets quarrellingz, with the law, or with the'judge, that will; lave the malefaétor.. Believing and regarding: the law might have prevented his death: but denying and ao-w culing it, will but halten it. If it were not f'o, an hum-e. Dred would bring their reafons againl'o the law, for. One; that would'bring, his reafon to the la: and-mcn would.

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