Address of the Whig Convention for the Nomination of Electors, to the People of Virginia

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He prostitutes the influence of his office to party purposes, and retains men in office own party grounds, who are not only incompetent, but vicious and faithless. He claims and exercises the power to remove officers at will, and none escape who oppose him. He retains now the most dangerous control over the public treasure, and is the advocate and supporter of a system which will give to the Ex ecutive almost absolute control over it in future and, instead of suggesting simply such laws as Congress may and should pass, he seeks to control the legislation -of Congress by the promulgation and enforcement of favorite doctrines, and the most arrogant and unwarrantable interference with the rights and privileges of the States. But, above all, has Mr. Van Buren any where, or in any manner, evinced 'the disposition to restore the Administration to its original simplicity and purity, which General Harrison declares to be, in his opinion, a duty? On the contrary, has not every power of the Federal Government been practically increased and extended under Mr. Van Buren's administration? Has there not been the most. Lavish and wasteful expenditure of public money? And so far from any purity in the Administration, has not the country been disgraced by more frauds upon, and. Robbery of, the public Treasury, than ever occurred before?

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