Anthony Comstock, Fighter

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The country-boy clerk was scared, too; thoroughly so. He was downright afraid to go for that dog. So he went to his room and prayed to God for courage, and for suc cess in killing the animal. He had a very definite notion of what he proposed to do, and he knew where to go for strength and guidance to do it, — two characteristics of his later life. Getting up from his knees, he took his firearms, locked the door of the store, and started to look for the dog. There were two roads, either of which he might take. One went up the Side of a high hill, the other ran along by the river, and they left each other at a fork in the road along which he started. In the angle of land formed by the separation of these two roads was a row of tenement houses, occupied by the Irish and other poorer mill-workers of the community. A retaining wall some seven feet high supported the bank on the lower Side.

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