Adoniram Judson

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IT is my purpose in the following pages to present a clear and consecutive story of my father's life, which may be justly said to form the main artery of the American Foreign Missionary Enterprise. In order to do this I have essentially re-written the Memoir which I prepared ten years ago for Anson D. F. Randolph Co., and have endeavored to meet the requirements of the younger generation of Christendom. Free use has also been made of the personal reminiscences contributed by the fasci nating pen of Mrs. Emily C. Judson to Dr. Wayland's noble and comprehensive Memoir, now out of print. The American Baptist Missionary Union possesses a very full collection of journals and letters, etc., which have been very carefully studied. It is a matter for sincere thanksgiving that these were spared and not consumed in the recent fire at Tremont Temple, as was understood.

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