A Latin Reader

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In order to facilitate, in some degree, the familiar acquisition of so difficult a language as Latin, we have employed in this book those helps to the eye of accents and digraphs, which the custom of three centuries has sanctioned, and which even the practised reader will not always disdain. In the Grammar and Lessons, which are supposed to be studied under the constant direction of the teacher, we preferred to dispense with these aids, that so the pupil, at the cost of a little more pains at starting, might be prepared to take up what ever edition of the classics might come to his hand; for the special uses of this volume, we think they will be found serviceable. In orthography, we have on principle admitted considerable freedom as to points which may be regarded as still unsettled; in general keeping to the best recent authorities, but aiming to habituate the eye of the student to those varieties of spelling he is likely to meet in a variety of authors and editions.

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