A History of Marion County, South Carolina

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The wife of Buck Swamp John was Absala Parker, 'hence their youngest son was named Parker. Buck Swamp John' settled on the plantation now owned by one of his de scendants, John C. Bethea, of Dillon; he was a prosperous man — took up and owned at the time of his death, in 1821, six or eight thousand acres of land around him and in near by parts, the most of which is now owned by some one or another of his descendants; he farmed and raised stock, drove it to Charleston; had and raised large orchards, raised fruit; made cider and brandy, and sold it, in his day, without let or hin drance; he accumulated a large estate for his day and time, which he gave almost entirely to his five sons, William, James, Philip, Elisha and Parker — giving nothing, comparatively, to his four daughters, Sallie, Pattie, Mollie and Absala (i think, was the name of the latter). Sallie married Levi Odom, of Revolutionary fame; two of them, Absala and Mollie, married a Mr. Owens; and Pattie married another Mr. Owens. None of them except Pattie have descendants in this State — as Sallie and Absala died childless, and Mollie and her M-r. Owens emi grated to Natchez, Miss. The five sons all settled, lived and died in Marion County. William, the eldest, married, first, a Miss Crawford; had one child, a son, John C. Bethea; his second wife was Mary (polly) Sheckelford; the fruits Of the marriage were five sons, Levi, Willam S., Frank, George J.

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