A Grammar and Dictionary of the Samoan Language


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The former editions of this work having passed out of print, in compliance with the urgent suggestions of several friends and a strong impression on my own mind of the necessity for preserving the usefulness of the work, I have now prepared a revised and enlarged edition, and have also introduced into it valuable additions which will be found of great advantage to the student of the Samoan language. From a volume of ms. Songs, written out by a native poet, and lent me by the Rev. G. Brown, I culled 500 new words. On a visit to Samoa in 1885, I ascertained the correct meaning of these words from various pun dits, and also collected many other words at the same time. Since then I have added to the new collection while translating a volume of myths and legends, &c., compiled by the late Rev. T. Powell. From Marsden's Malay Dictionary I obtained 180 Eastern Polynesian roots, which I have inserted in their places. There are also many resemblances found in the Malay Grammar to the Samoan. (see note appended.)

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