A History of the London Hospital

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A preface is often an excuse. If an excuse is neces sary for writing this book, I have none to offer except that my love for the old place led me to spend a good deal of time in reading up the minutes of its life, and I then felt that it was a pity that there should be no more accessible history of the Hospital than is obtainable from these voluminous minutes. But I must also take the Opportunity of a Preface for saying that I am alone responsible for every word here written. From the fact that I have been com pelled, in writing of the Hospital, to refer to my Chiefs, it was impossible that — beyond obtaining leave to write this History — I could consult anybody about what I should say or how I should say it. I am anxious to make this as clear as possible. I alone am responsible for any sin of omission and of commission.

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