A Book of Recipes for the Cooking School


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This book Of recipes is prepared for the use of the many teachers and students Of cooking who feel the need of standard recipes for the every-day dishes with directions simply and concisely stated. The book represents a compilation Of recipes that have been in use in cooking schools of the country for many years. It is not designed for the use of experienced cooks who are seeking a wider variety and a greater elaboration of recipes but for the young cook who desires to prepare simple dishes well. Each recipe has been carefully tested and every care has been taken to state the directions definitely. In every class which has used the recipes and with every teacher with whom the compiler has worked, suggestions, criticisms, and improve ments have been made, so that the book represents the combined labors of many students of cooking. The chapter on Food Preservation contains the material used in a Hampton leaflet prepared with the aid of Miss Alma Kruse whose faithful Ia bors made its completion possible.

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