A History of the Gold Coast of West Africa

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Seven days' further sail brought the expedition to a large bay, to which they gave the name of the Western Horn. In this bay was an island, on which they landed. During the day all was calm, but at night strange appearances pre sented themselves: the mountains seemed to be all on fire, and the sound 01 drums and cymbals was mingled with strange cries. Terrified at these sights and sounds the explorers hastily embarked, and as they continued their course to the south, columns of flame still illumined the midnight sky. Sailing seven days along this coast they came to a bay, which they called the Southern Horn, and found within it an island with a lake, and in this lake another island, filled with savages of a peculiar description. The females were covered with hair and were called Gorillas. The males fled across the precipices, and defended them selves with stones; but the Carthaginians captured three females. These, however, broke their bonds and fought so furiously that it was found necessary to kill them but their Skins were stuffed and brought to Carthage. The want of provisions prevented the explorers proceeding any further to the south.

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