A History of the Christian Church

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Eminent church historian and theologian Professor Williston Walker gives us an authoritative and scholarly account on the progress of the church founded by Christ, aptly titled <i>A History of the Christian Church</i>.<br><br>First published in 1918, this edition has since gone on to become one of the classics in Christian literature. It examines various periods that led to the establishment of the church and how the Reformation came about in light of the preceding events. <br><br>The author begins this volume with a discussion on the general situation before proceeding to talk about Judaism, the rise of Jesus and his disciples, the end of the apostolic era and the development of Christianity in the second century AD. <br><br>From Gnosticism at the beginning of the book, he ends with the eventual transition to the modern situation, tackling various subjects such as English Unitarianism, Methodism, Catholicism, and even American Christianity – religious denominations and divisions which remain relevant to this day. <br><br>The exhaustive nature of Professor Walker's work shows his expertise in the subject and the extent of the research he has done to produce a classic historical account of superb quality. Students of religious studies, as well as those seeking enlightenment on the development of the modern Christian church will benefit much from this clearly written and comprehensive opus.

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