Art of Angling

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Alpine Trout, or Gilt Charr, remarks on; Angler's song; Barbel, remarks on; baits for, &c.; Bleak, remarks on, and baits for; Bobbing, or dibbing, for Trout; Bream, remarks on; baits for, &c.; Bullhead, or Miller's Thumb, remarks on; Cabbage-grub-fishing; Carp, remarks on; baits for; observations on the breeding of; mongrel breeds; Chub, remarks on; Walton's receipt how to dress; baits for; Cod-bait-fishing; Dace, or Dare, remarks on; baits for; Eel, remarks on; haunts of; to angle for; sniggling for; night lines for; Flounder, remarks on, and baits; Flies, materials for making artificial; directions for making a fly; a list of flies to kill throughout the season; Fly fishing, artificial; extract from Col. Hawker on; tackle described; throwing a fly; killing your fish; Grasshopper-fishing; Gravel Last-spring, remarks on; Grey Salmon, remarks on; Greyling, remarks on; baits for; Gudgeon, remarks on; baits for; Gwiniad, remarks on; Introduction; Laws relating to Angling; Loach, remarks on; Maggot-fishing

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