A Quaker Singer's Recollections

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The possession of a real singing voice coupled with real musical ability is a very rare and, seemingly, a chance gift granted to but one in ten thousand. The voice may exist without the requisite intelligence, or the musicianship minus the necessary vocal equipment. The possessor of both voice and brains is a most fortunate mortal and should be afforded every opportunity to make a career; the partially endowed, however, while entirely at liberty to cultivate their talents for personal and amateur use, should be carefully steered away from all thought of a public career and not lured toward it.<br><br>Children should hear and be taught to sing good music in all schools as a delightful natural pastime, not as a matter dull routine, until Nature determines whether, in special instances, further musical study is advisable. Though more women than men turn to music for their livelihood, marriage and family cares divert many from further thought of it as a profession.

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