Ads and Sales

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This book is the first attempt, as far as I know, to apply the principles of Scientific Management to the problems of Sales and Advertising.<br><br>It was begun as a series of addresses, delivered to various Ad Clubs and Chambers of Commerce in the Eastern States; and it is herewith developed into book form at the request of several of these organizations.<br><br>This fact - that it was prepared largely for friends - will account for the frank and personal nature of the book.<br><br>The criticisms that are made here are made good-humoredly, and with no purpose of belittling what has already been accomplished.<br><br>Certainly I do not believe that Salesmen and Ad Men are less efficient than bankers, lawyers, doctors, professors, or any other species of professional men; but within the last few years new methods and higher standards have been brought to light.

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