A Course on Zoology

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This book forms the basis of instruction upon the natural history of animals in the secondary schools of France. In no other country is so high a place assigned to the natural and physical sciences as a means of education. It therefore follows naturally that the French have tho best text-books upon these subjects. Translations of their advanced works have been the authorized class-books in American colleges for the last quarter of a century, and Paul Bert's "First Steps in Scientific Knowledge" and "Primer of Scientific Knowledge" have made the successful teaching of elementary science possible in the earlier years of the educational course.<br><br>The present work treats the subject of natural history in a manner adapted to the needs of secondary schools, using methods found by experience to excite most interest on the part of the pupil.<br><br>In the translation the plan of the original work has been followed closely; but such changes have been made as were needed to Americanize the book.<br><br>Tho illustrations form an important feature of such a work. We desire to extend our thanks to Messrs. W. and R. Chambers & Co. for permission to use cuts from the new Chambers's Encyclopædia, without which it would have been extremely difficult to givo the book its present value in this respect.<br><br>Many of tho cuts of animals are from photographs, and of special scientific value.

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