A History of Dental and Oral Science in America

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At the monthly meeting, December, 1875, of the "American Academy of Dental Science," Dr. D. M. Parker, member of the Centennial Board of State Managers, and President of the Academy, in the Chair, it was voted unanimously that the Academy endeavor to present in some suitable manner the claims of Dentistry — or, more properly, of Oral Science — at the then coming Centennial Exhibition at Philadelphia.<br><br>A Committee was appointed to make the necessary arrangements, and weekly meetings were held from that time. In the month of February an arrangement was entered into with Mr. James E. Dexter, of New York, to collect and put into readable form such materials of historical value as could be obtained, in order to present an historical volume on American dentistry. In April an address was published in the dental periodicals calling upon the general profession for such assistance as they could render. It was as follows:<br><br>"To the Dental Profession.<br><br>"The American Academy of Dental Science, Boston, Mass., design presenting to the profession and the public, at the approaching Centennial, a view of American dentistry, past and present.<br><br>"One of the characteristics of this presentation will be, a history of the profession in this country for the past one hundred years. This work, being designed to become a standard of reference, will be comprehensive and complete in detail.

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