Economical Cooking


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This little book aims to be both instructive and suggestive. The principles of right feeding, economy, and cooking are set forth, with a variety of recipes and menus, and it is hoped that the general public will be interested in these important subjects.<br><br>The book is planned for housekeepers who wish to begin simply, but the importance of attractive food and service is insisted upon as bearing directly on the health of the family.<br><br>The recipes are planned for two persons, with the idea that they may be quite easily adapted to a larger number.<br><br>These rules have all been tested, and many of them are family favorites.<br><br>Thanks are due to my assistant, Helen E. Smith, for efficient help in the preparation of this book, and to Mrs. Mary Hinman Abel and Miss Minnie M. Smith, for permission to use recipes from their writings. Also for quotations made from Miss Anna Barrows "Rules for Cooking Fish."

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