A History of Greek Philosophy From the Earliest Period to the Time of Socrates

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The present work is a translation of the fourth and last edition of the first part of Dr. Zeller's 'Philosophic der Griechen.' That this part, containing the General Introduction to the entire subject and the history of the earliest philosophers, should appear after others dealing with the later periods, is in some measure to be regretted, because Greek Philosophy is best treated as a whole, and gains immensely by being studied in the order of development; yet those who are acquainted with the previously translated portions of Dr. Zeller's work will be the more ready to welcome the introductory volume, without which, indeed, many things in the later philosophy, and in Dr. Zeller's treatment of it, would have remained comparatively obscure.<br><br>There is no need to speak highly of a work so well known.

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