Architecture and How to Sketch It


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The greater qualities of Art are God-given and can be learned from no school or master; but all means of expression and processes are mechanical, and can be imparted much more quickly than some people imagine, if up-to-date methods of teaching are used, and the student has the desire and will give the attention.<br><br>As in language a limited vocabulary is sufficient for a very numerous class, so the latent power of drawing may have been but slightly developed, but that power can be considerably increased by any individual who so desires and so determines. "Nihil sine labore" is as true to-day as ever it was. The outflow of a ripe mind stored with facts accumulated by great labour, may be an impression, or the slightest sketch executed in a few minutes, and yet be priceless; while the overflow of a shallow reservoir need not be taken seriously, as it is valueless - nothing without labour - without great labour, but we have no time for needless labour such as drawing circles without compasses, straight lines and geometrical figures without instruments.<br><br>"Ars longa vita brevis," yes, Art is long and life short, but just as we try to make life longer and fuller, we must try to make Art shorter and nearer.

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