A Treatise on Spherical Trigonometry

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The object of the present Treatise is to bring Spherioal Trigonometry to the standard required for University<br><br>Examinations, and demanded by the impulse given to mathematical subjects by modem text-books.<br><br>Simplicity of treatment has been oonstantly kept in view.<br><br>Part I. treats of the subject as far as the solution of Triangles, inclusive. In the text will be found all the Propositions usually oontained in treatises on the subject, besides such other Theorems as appeared to us to be of special importance on account of their utility.<br><br>The Volume is replete with examples (in many cases worked out), the arrangement of which has been the subject of our special attention: our aim throughout being to place them in immediate connexion with the subject-matter of which they are illustrative.<br><br>At the end of each Chapter, Miscellaneous Examples bearing on all the preceding matter have been added. We have not hesitated to use Determinant Notation whenever eleganoe or simplicity could be gained thereby.

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