A History of Missions in India

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It were a churl's part not to give thanks where such are due, and in sending forth this version of Richter's Indisclte Missions-geschichte, the translator desires to express sincere gratitude for much labour, helpful counsel, and kindly assistance rendered by Miss E. I. M. Boyd, of Cambridge; by Rev. J. H. Oldham, M.A., of Edinburgh; by Fraulein Gertrud Ludewig, of Jena; and by the genial author himself, Dr. Julius Richter. Considerable erudite help has also been received whilst the book has been going through the press, at the hands of Dr. Datta, of Lahore. In the case of Rev. J. H. Oldham special acknowledgment is due, as the first thirty-seven pages were translated by him. It will be seen to how many sources any excellences that may here be found are traceable; for any faults the undersigned alone is responsible.<br><br>It would be presumption for one filling so subordinate a role as that of translator, to seek to prefix any formal dedication to his work. Yet if the names of the good, when invoked upon the enterprises of olden time, were held to render successful those about to venture forth to unknown fields, let it be permitted that in connection with this modest enterprise there be associated the names of the indomitable, the brave, the fearless, and the good - the names of my father and my mother.

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