Aldine, Third Language Book


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This book, like the preceding books of the Aldine Language Series, is the outgrowth of many years of experience and of innumerable experiments not only in teaching, but also in helping others to teach language and grammar effectively. This experience and these experiments have abundantly demonstrated the practical possibility of making language study at once the most educational of all school subjects, and the most interesting to both pupils and teachers.<br><br>This is not primarily a book of rules and definitions to be memorized and recited, or a book of formal exercises designed to give practice in correct usage. It is rather a stimulus to observation, imagination, and thought, and a guide to the effective expression of the results of observation, imagination, and thought. Definitions, rules, and exercises are not lacking, it is true; but these are made to serve the efforts of the pupil to think and to give effective expression to his thinking.

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