A Complete Practical Grammar of the Hungarian Language

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When I resolved to start from the shores of quotidian life to cross a small bay of the vast literary ocean, a fair wind of public opinion promised a prosperous journey; the novelty of the objects which my bark carried guaranteed a cordial welcome from those whose spy-glasses were directed after some not yet observed flag. - I have reached the port, and discharged my bark! Viewing my route from this side of the bay, I now first perceive, that in my passage over its dangerous shallows, I have ventured on perilous voyage, being unassisted by the experience of any previous navigator.<br><br>I have endeavoured to meet the desires of those who are interested in linguistic studies, either in increasing their knowledge extensensively, or in seeking intensive augmentation of the cognition of that medium through which minds communicate with minds, and hearts learn to feel from hearts; and I have tried to meet the wishes of those who felt interested in the political life of the Hungarian nation, by tracing in a short sketch the past of the intellectual and mental development of the nation.<br><br>As the book is also intended for learners, I may be allowed to make a few explanatory remarks.<br><br>The Division entitled "Compositions" is purely a practical one, in order to give the student some previous knowledge, before he attempts the study of a Grammar; therefore, repeating the more difficult objects, and regarding them from different points of view, will not be thought prolix. The words relating to this part are all collected in a Vocabulary at the end of the first part.

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