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Africa's Environment - copertina
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Harry, you may remember, we saw this weather project there and since that time, the head of that country that Harry and I met with has been emptied out because of conflict. And I am sure now that that project is still running but so important. I say that also in the context of drought and studies of drought and how environmental degradation comes about without clear data in that arena that could help to avoid it. But you know something? After all is said, we live in a world of people, and Americans assist in leading the charge, in being in love with ivory and with wood and with leather and any number of other things that hungry people do not think in terms of the abun dance that they have not had ever running out. And I can only use by way of analogy my own life as a child in pristine Florida — and I will be 60 my next birthday — Harry is going to be a little older than me, but he knows pristine Florida as well — and, honest to goodness, as a child where animals ran in the streets and you could go to the lake and catch fish, I just never thought that that lake would ever be dead or that the animals would ever run out.

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