A Trip Up the Volga to the Fair of Nijni-Novgorod

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The greater part of this little book appeared in the form of Letters addressed to the a "Daily News" in the months of August, September, and October, 1874. Russia presents subjects of the most varied interest to the student of historical, ethnological, commercial, and political facts. The author does not flatter himself that he has made any serious contribution to the elucidation of any of these subjects; his aim will have been amply fulfilled, if he has succeeded in awaking in any of his readers a desire to visit the scenes described in this book, or to pursue still further the large subject of Russian commerce, A visitor to the banks of the Volga cannot fail, at any rate, to bring home the most agreeable recollections of a country teeming with interest of every kind, and of friendships formed among the pleasantest and most engaging people in the world.

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