A History of Yealmpton

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In venturing to put forth this history of the Parish of Yealmpton, no one is more conscious than the author of those defects which, in pioneer work, are almost inevitable. His object will have been attained if these very faults should stir another to compile a history so complete and accurate as to supersede this first attempt.<br><br>Meanwhile, no apology need be made for endeavouring to put people in possession of a record of the parish in which they live, or with which they are intimately associated, and to tell them the parochial<br><br>"Traditions of the saint and sage,<br>Tales that have the rime of age,<br>And chronicles of eld."<br><br>Such knowledge must surely give us a wider view of things, quicken and deepen interest in the present by noting its connection with the past, furnish material for thought and conversation, and stimulate comparison and inquiry.<br><br>In this parochial record, many now living will recognise their forbears, and realise that what their fathers did "in the old time before them," in the ordinary course of daily duty, has not been lost in Lethe's stream, but survives in forms from which they themselves derive benefit. This should encourage us not to "despise the day of small things," but "to do our duty in that state of life unto which it shall please God to call us."<br><br>For<br><br>"Time is hastening on, and we<br>What our fathers were, shall be,<br>Shadow-shapes of memory.<br><br>Who shall work for us as well<br>The antiquarian's miracle?<br>Who shall give to me and thee<br>Freeholds in futurity?"<br><br>For assistance in collecting material for this work, the author begs to tender his very hearty thanks to, amongst others, Mr. Kershaw, the Librarian of Lambeth Palace: Mr. Hubert Hall and other officials, of the Public Record Office: Mr. Burch, of the Exeter Diocesan Registrar's Office: and especially to Prebendary Hingeston-Randolph, Rector of Ringmore. His "Episcopal Registers of the Diocese of Exeter" have furnished information otherwise inaccessible: in the preparation of this work, his advice was never sought in vain, and he most kindly read through the manuscript when completed, and suggested many improvements which have been gratefully adopted.

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