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Twenty years have passed since the late Charles Marvin gave to the British public a vividly descriptive account of the Baku petroleum industry in "The Region of the Eternal Fire." The subject dealt with was necessarily highly technical, but it was presented with such literary ability that although the work is one which, on account of the accuracy of the recorded data, may still with advantage be consulted by the technologist, it has probably been found by the general public more interesting than any other similar publication.<br><br>It has now fallen to another journalist, Mr. J. D. Henry, Editor of the Petroleum World, who has returned from the Russian oil fields equally impressed with the magnitude and importance of the work which has been accomplished, to describe the industry as it exists to-day, and to indicate the scope for far greater expansion. That this task will be successfully performed I am confident, for I have had ample opportunities for learning that Mr. Henry possesses in a high degree the capacity for rapid collection and orderly recording of facts.

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