Alaska and Its Resources

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The purpose of this volume has been to comprise in a small compass the most valuable part of the present knowledge of Alaska. The writer has specially endeavored to convey as much information as his scope would allow, in regard to the native inhabitants, history, and resources of the country. This end has been kept steadily in view, perhaps at the risk of dulness.<br><br>The greatest care has been taken to verify such facts as have not come under the personal observation of the writer. Toward this end every accessible work containing information in regard to the country has been consulted in the original. Where authorities have differed, the statements thought most worthy of confidence, or such as best agreed with the experience of the author, have been adopted. Many discrepancies have been reconciled, and not a few errors have been corrected. Mistakes to a certain extent are inevitable, but it is hoped that, in all important points, the statements herein made will stand the test of time and future observation. Many of the conclusions in regard to the natives may seem, to the superficial observer, unwarranted; indeed, the author found, during a second year's experience, that not a few of his earlier impressions were erroneous, and constant intercourse with the natives, during that year while isolated from other white men, enabled him to clear up many doubtful points which previous observations had left unsettled. The geographical information here recorded is, of necessity, partly approximate. With a base upon which to found future observations, it is to be hoped that accurate determination of many points will not long be delayed.

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