A History of Kentucky Baptists

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This is the oldest fraternity of the kind west of the Alleghany Mountains. Some account of its origin, and that of its early churches, has been given in the early part of this work. In the sketch to be given here, which, for want of space, must necessarily be very brief, some things will be repeated, in order to make the narrative more connected. When five of the six churches, of which this ancient fraternity was originally composed, contemplated the formation of an association, they held a preliminary conference, for the double purpose of considering the propriety of forming such an organization, and of making an attempt to form a union with five Separate Baptist churches, of which South Kentucky Association was afterwards formed. Failing to accomplish the latter object, the conference appointed a time to meet for the purpose of forming an association of Regular Baptist churches. Of these transactions, John Taylor, who was a member of both the meetings, gives the following brief occount:<br><br>"We soon began to contemplate an association. For that purpose, and partly to bring about a union with the South Kentucky Baptists, we held a conference at South Elkhorn, in June, 1785; but failing in the union with the South Kentucky Baptists, we agreed to meet as an association, at Clear Creek, October, 1, 1785. Six churches, it seems, met. One of them was from Tates Creek, south side of Kentucky; there and then, Elkhorn Association was formed."<br><br>The preliminary conference was held at South Elkhorn, June 25, 1785.

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