A During the Middle Ages, and the Transition to Modern Times

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This book is a continuation of my History of Education before the Middle Ages, and holds in general to the same point of view and method of approach. It may, however, be used quite independently of that volume as a textbook or a work of reference upon educational history between the sixth and the eighteenth centuries. In either case, it is hoped that a sufficiently clear and detailed account is given to afford an accurate picture of the period covered, and to interest students in some of the more important origins of modern educational procedure. The extensive quotation of the sources and the selected lists of supplementary reading should contribute materially to these ends.<br><br>No apology is necessary, I trust, for continuing to view the educational process from the standpoint of the development of individualism. The period of the Middle Ages and the subsequent four centuries of reaction lend themselves to this method of interpretation with engaging facility. Nevertheless, I have striven never in the interest of this method to slur the facts nor force their construction, and have deferred all serious attempts at generalization until after the data have been presented. As in the former volume, I have also undertaken to furnish a background and a perspective for the history of education by interweaving a liberal measure of political material.

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