Acetylene Gas, Its Nature, Properties

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The present work originated in a lecture delivered by the Author before the Liverpool Polytechnic Society, the primary object of which being to make known the properties of Acetylene, and by pointing out its many and distinct advantages in contradistinction to its supposed dangerous character, remove the suspicion attaching to it, and allay the unfounded and somewhat undefined fears which have been aroused by the occurrence of a few accidents through its agency.<br><br>Acetylene, owing to its high value as an illuminant and other valuable properties, is intensely interesting from both scientific and commercial standpoints, but owing to the fact that its real properties are but little known, and that a few accidents have occurred in consequence thereof, reports have been freely circulated as to its being a highly dangerous compound, the result being that it is regarded by the general public with a considerable amount of suspicion.<br><br>It was with a view to dissipating the erroneous impressions prevalent that the Author was prompted to bring the subject before his Society, and by giving some particulars of the nature and properties of Acetylene and its base, Calcium Carbide, extend the knowledge of this simple yet valuable gas.<br><br>That a large number are interested in the subject was proved by the receipt of numerous enquiries respecting Acetylene and applications for copies of the lecture.

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