A History of Gloucestershire

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In accordance with the present trend of educational thought, this book aims at furnishing, in simple language, an account of the connexion with the history of Gloucestershire in their connexion with the wider history of our country. Obviously, however, the space allotted to any period or event must, in many cases, be very disproportionate to the space which would be given to the same period or event in a general history of England. As a consequence the earlier periods of history are, in this volume, generally more fully dealt with than are later times, because of the relatively greater importance of Gloucestershire during the early and middle ages.<br><br>There will, I believe, be general agreement with the following words from the 'Circular of the Board of Education on the Teaching of History': 'It is far more important that pupils should leave school with their eyes trained to observe the historical remains which are to be found in almost every part of England, than that they should attempt to remember the whole of the political history, much of which they cannot understand.' In accordance with this principle, I have devoted a considerable amount of space to the most notable of the historic remains in the county, from those of prehistoric times down through the recognized great periods of architecture.

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