A Queen of Tears

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Queen Matilda in the Uniform or Colonel of the Holstein Reorient of Guards. (Photogravure.) Prom a Painting by Alt, 1770; The Roeenboeo Castle, Copenhagen; Strurn&rr. Prom the Painting by Jeru fuel, 1771, now in the possession of Count Bille-Brake; Enbvold Brandt. Prom a Miniature at Prederiksborg; Queen Juliana Maria, Stef-mother or Christian VII. Prom the Painting by Clemens; Kino Christian VIL's Note to Queen Matilda Informing mbs op her Arrest; Ths Room in which Queen Matilda was Imprisoned at Keomboro; Count Bsrnstorpp; Frederick, Hereditary Prince of Dbnmakk, Stepbrother op Christian VII.; The Courtyard of the Castle or Kronboro. Prom an Engraving; RSseilde Cathedral, where the Kings and Queens of Denmark abb Buriec; The Great Court of Frbderiksboro Palace. Prom a Painting by Heinrich Hansen; The Docks, Copenhaoen, rater. 1770 ,; The Market Place and Town Hall, Cofbnhaoen, rater. 1770; Strubnsee in his Dungeon. Prom a Contemporary Print; Sts Robert Murray Keith, K.C.B.

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