A Biographical History of the Swarr Family of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


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The founder of the family in this country was Peter Schwahr, now Swarr, a native of Alsace province, and was born Anno Domini, 1690, near the city of Strasburg. He married a lady, who was a native of the city of Strasburg, whose maiden name was Adaline Blooming. They had two sons, Peter and Christian. In the year 1715, he with his family, emigrated to this country and arrived in Philadelphia in the Spring of 1716, as found by colonial records. He left France on account of the persecutions waged against the Protestants, himself and family being Hugenots. Soon after their arrival at Philadelphia, they left for the interior and arrived, at what is now Lancaster City, in the same spring of 1716 and went about one and one-half miles farther west where they made their abode, and took a meal under an oak tree (as I heard related when I was a boy). Here Peter Swarr got in the possession in common, with Hans and Jacob Brubaker, of 1000 acres of laud which they divided, Swarr taking the most northerly part of it, which was along the King's Highway, now the Harrisburg Pike. The stone arch bridge on the pike adjacent to what is now Long's Park, was for many years known as Swarr's Bridge. On the north side of the east wing wall, there is a stone built in, that was blood stained before the wall was made, there having been a peddler murdered, by which the stone was stained.

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